Founder Gail Conway

The showroom model has been developed by myself Gail Conway, in discussion with friend and business associate Ann Marie Conway (no relation to me!).
The concept is in reaction to the changing times we find ourselves, following the COVID-19 Pandemic. 
Ann Marie and I have been successful agents in the Irish market for over 20 years representing well-known brands such as Gecko, Endless, Solar Designs, P.J Dix, and more currently Coeur de Lion amongst others. 
Together we have seen many changes in the industry and we both feel that spending quality time with retailers has become more difficult for us, and the companies we represent, to achieve.
When we take into consideration the costs involved in travelling to our customers and the limited space allowed to present in a busy store difficult, whilst maintaining social distancing and ever changing pandemic rules, clearly things are not what they were.
The added pressure of Trade Fairs being cancelled, and a reluctance to visit overseas by many retailers does not allow UK or European companies able to showcase their brands as they would like.
So taking all the above into account we feel our showroom concept is the perfect space and solution for manufacturers to showcase their collections and retailers to come see them exhibited in a comfortable, open, hassle free and safe environment.  
In itself a manufacturers showroom is not unique, however a permanent showroom operated by an independent company, that carries numerous high profile brands and that is staffed by well-connected Irish agents providing a platform for suppliers to reach their customers in this manner, is a first in our market.
So here we are in 2022, and the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic has changed the landscape of how we will do business going forward.  The showroom, we believe, will play an integral part in bringing retailers and manufacturers closer together once more.
We hope to see you soon on this new journey..